Elle-Control Muscle Recovery

Lactic acid is produced as a result of physical activity, however, in conditions of greater effort, it may not be disposed of quickly, accumulating in the blood. This phenomenon is closely related to muscle fatigue, which, if severe, can also prevent the continuation of training or worse, the race. Therefore, those products that limit the accumulation of the metabolite and counteract the symptoms of muscle fatigue are very useful.

Muscle Recovery
(Recupero Muscolare)

Pool of highly efficient amino acids, oligoelements and vitamins combined to contrast the accumulation of lactic acid and to reduce fatigue syndrome.

Analytical components % on wet basis: Humidity 53.00% - Raw Protein 0.01% - Raw Fiber 0.01% - Raw Fat 0.01% - Raw Ash 0.01% - Sodium 0.01%.

Vitamins, pro-vitamins

Betaine hydrochloride 24,500.00 mg
L-Carnitine 1,000.00 mg
Vitamin B1 1,000.00 mg

Citric acid 102,000.00 mg
Sodium citrates 308,000.00 mg

Flavorings compounds
Taurine 1,250.00 mg
Glycine 25,610.00 mg
Silybum marianum 1,000.00 mg

  • Sodium citrate in synergy with Citric acid with their alkalizing power, rebalances the blood pH
  • Carnitine, thanks to its energy carrier function, helps to improve athletic performance, promoting the correct metabolism of fatty acids in the liver
  • Taurine promotes post-effort recovery, preserving muscle integrity at multiple levels
  • After a prolonged exercise, Betaine, thanks to its osmoprotective properties, favors the restoration of a correct water balance, unbalanced by the loss of liquids
  • A Vitamin B1 supplement promotes the completion of glucose metabolism, limiting the formation of lactic acid
  • Glycine, thanks to its buffering effect, helps the balance of the acid-base ratio
  • Silymarin, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, stimulates the regeneration of hepatocytes, supporting the proper functioning of the liver, the organ responsible for the disposal of lactic acid

- Horses in training: 60-90 ml/head/day in the evening ration or divider in the two rations
- Horses after the competition: 30 ml/head/day extra in the evening ration
1 measuring cup corresponds to about 30 ml.
Always leave fresh and clean water available.

Dosing Bottle 1 Kg
Tank 10 Kg