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In all equestrian sports the joints of the horse are continuously subjected to stress and strain. These, in fact, are subject to frequent inflammatory states which, if not treated properly, can create situations of chronic pain.
It is therefore necessary in these situations to go and use an adequate supplement, which allows the horse to regain its joint functionality.


Specific pool of highly functional molecules that promotes the horse’s state of well-being.


Crude soy oil, Glycerol, Sucrose.
Analytical components% on wet basis: Humidity 17.70% - Raw protein 0.01% - Raw fiber 0.01% - Raw fat 52.20% - Raw ash 2.30% - Sodium 0.02%

Vitamins, pro-vitamins and chemically well defined substances with similar effect
Vitamin C 5,500.00 mg
Citric acid 33,300.00 mg
Calcium propionate 10,600.00 mg
Xanthan gum 33.00 mg
Flavorings compounds
Curcuma extract 102,000.00 mg
Olibanum Extract 53,300.00 mg
Mixture of flavouring compounds 5,500.00 mg
Echinacea purpurea 5,500.00 mg
Hypericum perforatum 5,500.00 mg
Silybum marianum 5,500.00 mg

  • Curcuma and Boswellia, present in highly concentrated forms, have strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities
  • The Mixture of flavoring compounds helps to reduce the connection between the receptors that are involved in the transmission of pain
  • Echinacea has an emollient action and increases the immune system
  • Vitamin C has an antioxidant action
  • Silymarin, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, stimulates the regeneration of hepatocytes, supporting the proper functioning of the liver, an organ responsible for the disposal of lactic acid


  • 50 grams/head/day for 5/10 days
  • 25 grams/head/day for the next 10/15 days

Bottle 500 g
Bottle 1 Kg