Team Pennin GO Calves

Calves are very sensitive animals and for this reason they are often subject to stressful conditions caused by external agents such as climate change, vaccination or transport. All this can cause functional dysmetabolics such as dehydration or reduced food consumption. Integration therefore plays a fundamental role in supporting the physiology of young animals, even when they are used in competition.

Team Penning Go
Calves (Vitelli)

Specific pool of natural molecules with a high biological value that exerts a rehydrating action and promotes the normal physiological functions of the animal.

Maltodextrin, Sucrose, Potassium Carbonate, Calcium chloride.
Analytical components% on wet basis: Humidity 63.00% - Raw protein 1.80% - Raw fiber 0.01% - Raw fat 0.01% - Raw ash 0.01% - Sodium 0.01%

Vitamins, pro-vitamins
L-Carnitine 10,000.00 mg
Choline chloride 1,500.00 mg
Vitamin C 10,000.00 mg
Citric acid 20,000.00 mg
Sodium citrates 20,000.00 mg
Flavoring compounds
Mixture of flavouring compounds 10,000.00 mg
Glycine 10,000.00 mg
Echinacea purpurea 1,000.00 mg
Hypericum perforatum 1,000.00 mg
Salix alba 1,000.00 mg
Silybum marianum 1,000.00 mg

  • Glycine has a rehydrating function, favoring the recovery of lost fluids
  • Sodium citrate, in synergy with citric acid, thanks to its alkalizing power, rebalances the blood pH
  • Vitamin C has an antioxidant action
  • Carnitine and Choline chloride promote the correct metabolism of fatty acids in the liver
  • White Willow extract, in synergy with Hypericum extract, improves the animal's state of well-being
  • Echinacea extract performs a decongestant action on the airways
  • Silymarin, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, stimulates the regeneration of hepatocytes, supporting the proper functioning of the liver

Administer 2-3 kg in 100 liters of water.

Tank 10 Kg