Our Company

HORS•è is a brand of the company Bio Vit srl, which boasts many years of experience in compound feed. For the formulation of Hors•è products we have gave particular attention to the specific needs of the horse, offering cutting-edge solutions, with high quality standards

Our Certifications


It is a certification scheme relating to the production, transport and marketing of feed based on the control of all the elements that make up the quality of zootechnical feed.
Continuous monitoring is led on production processes, equipment, work environments and in which to perform self-control analysis, through compliance with points defined by the company,
continuous inspections and
fixed corrective actions.


The voluntary GMO FREE certification standard allows the certification of the production of products intended for nutrition.
This certification concerns the control carried out by operators in order to guarantee compliance with the limit of 0.%, to be understood as a technically unavoidable and/or accidental maximum limit in the preparation processes of zootechnical feeds.


Organic farming is an agricultural production method that enhances the natural fertility of the soil ecosystem, the healthiness of the products and strengthens sustainability without using synthetic products (eg pesticides and chemical fertilizers). The production complies with the Reg. CE 834/2007, which defines the system of production, transformation, labeling, control and certification in the European Union. Following the necessary checks by the control bodies, the organic certification is issued.